Dear South Side Champions,

The Reeb Avenue Center is a thriving hub of hope for our South Side neighbors in need of a hand up––not a handout. Over the past year and a half, it has been an honor to serve as the Executive Director of one of the nation’s leading models for nonprofit collaboration and shared success. Our resource partners are as diverse and experienced as our South Side community and together we can have an even greater impact than if we stayed working alone.

The Reeb Avenue Center is home to a dozen partners to address the needs of our neighbors.

1. Alvis*
2. Boys & Girls Club*
3. Community Development for All People*
4. City of Columbus – Neighborhood Pride Center
5. Godman Guild Association*
6. Goodwill Columbus*
7. House of Hope
8. Mid-Ohio Foodbank – Roots Cafe*
9. Southeast
10. South Side Early Learning*
11. St. Stephen’s Community House*
12. YMCA of Central Ohio – Stable Families*
* Funded by the United Way of Central Ohio

We are proud to support the collaboration of NINE United Way of Central Ohio-funded partners within our Center’s walls. Together we are making a collective impact that maximizes donor dollars and client success.

This year, the Center welcomed Colin McGinnis as the new CEO of South Side Early Learning (previously South Side Early Learning & Development Center), operating out of the Center’s east learning annex. We also welcomed the vision of Alvis President and CEO, Denise Robinson, to our Board of Directors. We are fortunate to have leaders such as Denise and Colin to guide our work and ensure the best outcomes for our South Side families.

Thank you for all you do to support the work of the Reeb Avenue Center and our partners. Together we can move the South Side forward and create sustainable change in our community that benefits us all.

Thank you,
Ally Zahler
Executive Director