The Reeb Avenue Center holistically addresses the needs of residents while celebrating the heritage of the South Side community.

Holistic Community

We create intentional pathways among our nonprofit Resource Partners within the Reeb Avenue Center to support the holistic needs of our neighbors––all under one roof.

How We're Improving Quality of Life

Will you join us?

The needs are great. In the end, we want to improve quality of life on the South Side.

An Invitation for Investment
The Reeb Avenue Center means family. It's not just a building that offers services, but it's also a building that offers love and support.
Treesje Mock, Godman Guild

Resource Partners

Our Resource Partners offer programs that teach and inspire––from cradle through career––to create opportunities, increase prosperity, and move our neighborhood and families forward.

The Reeb Avenue Center

We seek to build self sufficiency through opportunities and transform lives through education, job training, and career support. Since Reeb Elementary School was built in 1904, it has been serving the changing needs of its neighbors and community.

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South Side Roots Café

Authentic farm-to-table food inspired by harvest & season, served in a place that welcomes all. Our space is designed to be a warm gathering place that builds community while offering fresh, nutritious and affordable foods.

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Our Fundraising Goals

In the end, we want to improve quality of life. All funds will offset operating costs of the building, making the project affordable for nonprofit Resource Partners and sustainable for generations to come.

$12,283,750 = Our capital campaign progress 100%
$4,000,000 = Reeb Endowment Fund 100%